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The Rabid Squirrel Ltd.


The Rabid Squirrel's History: Because It's There


Acting Cast

(alphabetically by first name)


Adam Moore

Chris Rand

Robert Oakes

Stefan Phillips

Trevor Hrenko


Pics and Video Clips


[click for larger picture or video]

- May 14th -


Chris looks on (in true producer style) as Rob prepares the set. Stefan looks over the finished set, silly hat and all.

CLIP - Stefan mixes a concoction that may or may not be three parts swamp water, two parts no name cherry Jell-o mix, and eight parts sweet, sweet love.

- May 21st -


Director Phillips and Co-Producer Rand go over the scene. Tally-ho! From left to right, Trevor, Rob, Chris and Stefan.


- June 11th -


Our hero, Rama Jabay!


CLIP - Rama Jabay prepares to utilize his epic Pasta maneuver!


- July 2nd -


In traditional British posture, Stefan delivers a fatal blow to Chris' helpless broomstick. Rama Jabay prepares the rare Jedi crab stance!
It may be the alcohol talking, but I love this hat. All smiles, and likely hiding the "drunken Stefan stabber."


CLIP - Stefan utilizes the full force of his hidden Sith power.

- July 15th -

Rama and The Inspector look about in wooondeeerrrr. Teh 133t!
Power nap, anyone? The Hungry Man meal, a standard breakfast for all Squirrel members.

- August 5th & 6th -

"...DRAGON!" Straps are easy compared to the pantyhose...
Apparently she's interested. The new Kings of Rock and/or Roll.

CLIP - Cletus and Buckweed give you some gas.

- August 19th & 20th -

The Inspector is ready! ...but The Scientist is pondering
while the Jedi looks for Waldo. After the thrill is gone? Coffee and eggs.

- February (Month of) -

Alfred is back! "Out here, stalking snow cows and the like..."
Aaaaaagggghhh! Want Peace on Earth? Order now!


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Stefan Phillips, 2006 - 2007