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The Rabid Squirrel Ltd.


About The Rabid Squirrel Ltd.

The Rabid Squirrel was formed in 2004, when director/writer Stefan Phillips finally managed to heckle a distraught Chris Rand enough into helping him make a movie. The two together then harassed Claude Ouimette into joining the group, which really wasnít overly hard. You see, Claude often suffers from something leading specialists havenít found a name for yet. So it was easy.

Mr. Phillips can't recall exactly how he dubbed the group "The Rabid Squirrel," but the name probably wasn't very surprising at the time, considering his unholy obsession with all things that are red (squirrels come in red AND black).

A great many of the ideas for the first film, originally entitled "Untitled Film" really don't seem to make much sense. Some have blamed the schools, and more pointedly, their cafeterias. To get to the bottom of all the nonsense, our leading team of anthropologists and acupuncturists are tracking down all the leads slowly but steadily. We hope to have the answers pinpointed soon.

Until then, please enjoy the site, and be sure to hide anything red from Mr. Phillips.

With the release of a trailer into the mainstream Internet, as well as some other general tidbits of what would otherwise be a useless waste of perfectly fine film, The Rabid Squirrel hopes to expand its success into new, virgin territories.

Stay tuned.

The Trailer

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