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The Rabid Squirrel Ltd.


Released Films


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Six Simple Steps to Self-Sanctioned Superiority, Sureness, Spirit, Spunk and Super-Satisfying Self-Reliance (or S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. for short)

The Death of Aeris (a short film)

Ten Steps to Making a Good Short Film

The CFW - 2002 - 2004


The Cletus & Buckweed Collection


Films in Development

(with working titles)


The Future of Man! [2007]

The Rabid Squirrel's: History, Because It's There [Spring, 2007]

Streaks of Fury!


About The Films

About the Film: Ten Steps to Making a Good Short Film

Chris, Daryl and Stefan destroy the kid's playgroundThe very first of the Rabid Squirrel Ltd. films, Ten Steps to Making a Good Short Film features only two official actors: Stefan Phillips and Daryl Good. Ten Steps is in fact the only Rabid Squirrel movie Daryl Good has ever appeared in, aside from the CFW DVD.

Ten Steps would also mark the first video appearance of Chris Rand, who later played a substantial amount of roles in the later Rabid Squirrel films. Chris Rand worked on camera for the majority of the film, but also helped direct and rework scenes.

Essentially Ten Steps to Making a Good Short Film can be summed up into a single word: Failure. The original screenplay for the movie was scrapped on the first day of taping, when it was discovered that Adam Moore would not be helping with the film. From there on, the movie crumbled.

Daryl Screams Nooooooooooo!Still, the film has been saved. Even if itís not shown near as much as S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S., Ten Steps to Making a Good Short Film was the first film created by Stefan Phillips and Chris Rand, and has therefore been spared a fiery oblivion. Rather, it currently resides deep in the unknown void of Stefanís right desk drawer, perhaps never to be seen again.

About the Film: CFW 2002 - 2004

For the sake of The Rabid Squirrel's sanity it's been decided upon that an in-depth description of everything that goes on within the CFW DVD (it's really more like a documentary cut into little bits, anyway) is not absolutely mandatory. Like exposure to the sun. Instead we're posting


The Cast DVD Features

Which are, of course, the inside and back of the actual DVD itself.

If that's not quite enough CFW for you, the old CFW gallery can still be found hereThis still exists for some yet-unexplained reason, as the rest of the old CFW game (there was actually going to be a CFW game!) was lost (to a dragon!) long ago. Outdated (2004!), it's well over two years old, but still... It's something to look at, especially since it looks like it was created using only the fabulous, stupendous and fantastic Paint. Sod off Adobe!

To the moon?

New Projects
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Stefan Phillips, 2006 - 2007