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The Rabid Squirrel Ltd.


Note: Files are located in four places: Tripod, Rapidshare, Facebook and Zippyvideos.

Cletus & Buckweed

Cletus, Buckweed and Pantless Joe find an Oddity... in Space!

Cletus and Buckweed give you some gas.

Locomotive Breath!

Cletus and Buckweed: Spanish Train

A collage of Cletus and Buckweed goodness.

The entire Cletus & Buckweed Collection infomercial, from it's terrible start to it's not-so-shocking conclusion!


Mr. Boddy and Leeroy meet for afternoon tea.

- Hamlet -

Laertes: "Ease up!"

Hamlet - Act III, Scene II (The Play)

Hamlet - Act III, Scene IV (The Bedroom)

Hamlet - Act V, Scene I (The Graveyard)

Hamlet - Act V, Scene II (The Duel)

Sir Gawain & the Green Knight


Sir Gawain tries to talk to the Big Man.

The Trailer for Sir Gawain & the Green Knight

History: Because It's There

Rama Jabay prepares to utilize his epic Pasta maneuver!

Every Jedi's Greatest fear... Emus!

A trailer made for History!

Implausible Trench Warfare?

The CFW - 2002 - 2004

The CFW - Greatest Hits 2002 - 2004

"Great" CFW Moments

NWF Open Training '03

Chris Tyme vs. Jack Floyd Jr. (December, 2004)

Streaks of Fury

Barca IV's Character Card

Sally's Character Card

Alfred's (???) Character Card

Extra Bits

A Middle English New Years

Stefan mixes a concoction that may or may not be three parts swamp water, two parts no name cherry Jell-o mix, and eight parts sweet, sweet love

Argh, me eyes! Stefan dancing!

Mr. Rand shares his infinite wisdom on romantic discourse


Stefan's Goldfish

The Rabid Squirrel Trailer (old)

Meet the Squirrels!

New Projects
Stefan's Section









































Stefan Phillips, 2006 - 2007