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Aug 27th - Updated the site with Streaks of Fury! and Hamlet. Squirrel members updated as well. Also check out the Multimedia Page. TONS of new stuff there!  

July 2nd - Lots and lots of little things. Added Hamlet and the Cletus & Buckweed Infomercial to the Films list. Updates Stefan's Quotes. Enjoy!

May 9th - Updated some minor info and misleading links.

April 29th - Updates Stefan's Section (everything should be up now). Sir Gawain is out, so I'll start adding to the Rabid Squirrel site.

March 4th - Completely redid the code for all the pages on the Squirrel Site. Changed the squirrel logo, as well as updated the New Projects and Multimedia pages. Some things may not show up for a while, due to all the images and videos being moved around. Patience, discipline, virtue, emus. WHERE?!

Also, Stefan's Section will be offline for a bit. Oh noes!

January 17th - Add "Back to the Forest" to Stefan's Writing Page (under Misc.), and uploaded a new clip from Cluedo to the Multimedia Page for everyone to enjoy.

January 6th - Happy New Year! Updated the film page, and added in a -NEW- Multimedia Page. Enjoy!

October 1st - Updated Stefan's Writings Page with another poem.

August 23rd - Updated Stefan's Writings Page, and fully reworked Stefan's Quotes Page too. Busy day. :)

August 21st - Updated the Index with the new slogan along with a new entry on the New Projects page. That last taping was our final one for the summer, so the movie has been pushed back to Spring 2007 release at the earliest. Thanks to everyone who helped out or encouraged us to keep going. Here's hoping 2007 is just as much fun.

July 23rd - Did some updates with pictures and info here and there. Added another entry on the New Projects page.

July 10th - Added some pics to the New Projects page from the July 2nd taping. En-garde!

June 22nd- The Rabid Squirrel's: History, Because It's There can now be found on the New Projects page. Some new pics and videos have been added there, as well as a new poem in Stefan's Section.

May 31st - Added a temporary page for the new film. Updated the Quotes Page of Stefan's Section, and finally added the About Page.

April 21st - Added a Props Section to the site. It can be found here.