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Stefan's Section

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Unorthodox Poppycock

(a small division of The Rabid Squirrel Ltd.)

Props by Stefan



The Buster Sword

Vincent's Claw

Leeroy's Armour/Other Props

Every good movie needs props.


That being said, we here at the Rabid Squirrel feel our films need props too.

Lightsabers? Grappling hooks? Fake breasts?

No, no, no, no, no. Here at the Rabid Squirrel, we're most interested in the more unorthodox (yet all natural) areas of prop making. So to showcase our more diversified props, we've erected this simple shrine to those props which have inspired tens of dozen of others to create feared hambus, golden claws and oversized steak knives province-wide.

Stefan Phillips, 2006