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Unorthodox Poppycock

(a small division of The Rabid Squirrel Ltd.)

Props by Stefan



Leeroy's Armour/Other Props



Chris' "Sephiroth" Sword in mid-flight, as it is delivered to a distraught Hamlet. The Rabid Squirrel's heavy Duty Clapper. Made of surprisingly heavy wood, white house paint, black spray paint and most importantly of all, love. Frank, the man-eating feared hambus, with Cloud's quickly made papier mache and bottle cap shoulder guard.
Frank flies into action again this unsuspecting Canadian settler. Leeroy, sitting comfortably in his teddy skin cap and rusted metal armour. Tetanus shot, anyone? The shoulder guard for Leeroy's armour. Modeled after Diablo II's Necromancer armour, it was surprising to see the "stem" hold up on the set.


Stefan Phillips, 2006